Mulloor is a place of rope manufacturers who produce and process coconut fibres in cottage industry. Several families belong to the caste of hindu fishermen who still fish in the traditional way and collect shells to produce lime.

The environs along the coast invite to wonderful walks.Between the northern end of the busy tourist place Kovalam (about 5 km north of Mulloor) and the fishing village Adhimalathura in the south are more than 8 km of picturesque rocky coast with 12 palm fringed beaches.

Landwards along valleys and streams and through coconut groves, a marvellous exotic landscape awaits to be explored. 

Vizhinjam, a fishing village 3 km north of Mulloor, has a fishing harbour where every morning a fish market takes place.

The village near to the harbour houses two over 1000 years old monuments: The Bagavati Temple is very beautiful situated and nearby is a monolithic rock temple with sculptures from the Cera age (700-850).

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